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About the Bengal Breed

Three Cats Playing

Domestic Bengal cats come from various crossings of domestic cats and the Asian Leopard Cat. This diverse makeup has created a phenomenal and untamed looking cat. The benefit of this amazing cross breeding means you can own a wild looking cat in domestic size package.  The Bengal is not a dainty pint size kitty. They are absolute athletes that are nimble and elegant with a powerful body structure and a jungle cat appearance.

Despite their untamed and wild appearance, Bengal cats are actually quite affectionate house cats. They have high energy and a comedic, playful side. Their high energy temperament makes them best suited for a home that is active and engaged. Fulfilling a Bengal's need for exercise will result in a smart, loving feline who can keep their owners on their toes.

  • Bengals are hypoallergenic, which means most cat allergic people will not have reactions to them. This is not 100% for every individual, but they are considered to be in the 'hypoallergenic' category.

  • Bengals short hair and magnificent leopard spots results in minimal shedding and has a velvet-like feel. Some Bengals even have translucent hairs mixed into their coat that gives them a shimmering or glittery look.

  • Bengals are exotic and amazing domesticated cats with a jungle flare.

  • Bengals are known for their "like a dog" behavior.

  • Bengals are the size of a medium-large household cat.

  • Bengals are extremely intelligent and dedicated cats with an amazing character. 

  • Bengals have an inquisitive and intelligent personalities highly energetic. 

  • Bengals are high energy and kids love to play with them.

  • Bengals can be trained to walked on a leash.

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